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Max is an attorney and a member of Grimball & Cabaniss, LLC where he has practiced litigation since 1987, concentrating in construction, personal injury, and business litigation. He also has handled quite a number of appellate cases. In the community, he is past president of the Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. and is the Chair of Church Council of Bethel United Methodist Church in downtown Charleston.

Admit Liability And Keep Out DUI?

If you find yourself defending a case where your client (Defendant in a civil case) was a drunk driver, first off, should that be admissible if you admit faulty (liability but not damages) on your client’s behalf?  In Maryland, their … Continue reading

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Police can search your cell phone without a warrant?

First, understand that the search of your cell phone, at a minimum, would have to be after you were arrested for some crime. California allows it because it is a “search incident to arrest.” Understand that a search incident … Continue reading

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Discipline of Attorneys: SC Lawyers’ Oath and Lack of Ellipses in Massachusetts

A South Carolina attorney has been suspended for 90 days from the practice of law for a letter sent to his church’s landlord, a letter which he copied to the previously adverse Town’s manager and the Town’s attorney. For those … Continue reading

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Evidence of Suicide Attempt Admissible as Probative of Guilt

In a case of first impression in South Carolina, the S.C. Court of Appeals ruled that evidence of a suicide attempt was admissible as evidence of the Defendant’s guilt. The case was State v. Juan Orozco, which is found online … Continue reading

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Be Careful with Arbitration Clauses: First page means just that!

Earlier this week, the S.C. Court of Appeals decided the case of Richland Horizontal v. Sky Green Holdings (found online at Arbitration was sought to be enforced by the Defendant developer who was sued by two owners regarding a … Continue reading

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The day after Valentine’s Day will be busy for divorce lawyers

From what I am told (as I do little family court work, other than Guardian ad Litem work), when there are Christmas gifts to buy, divorce attorneys whip out their credit cards, as new divorce clients just are not coming … Continue reading

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Google reveals bias of juror, who is removed from Citigroup case

More recently, the courts have been faced with jurors who posted tweets to their Twitter account. More specifically, a $12 million verdict against Stoam Holdings has been appealed due to a juror posting tweets including “oh and nobody buy Stoam. … Continue reading

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